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Comforting Sounds

Line's LJ

18 April 1987
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My name is Line(Lena)I'm 21 years old and I'm from Denmark. I am a student at Southern University of Denmark where I'm studying Business communication with English and Spanish.
I love TV shows especially american ones, and at the moment Gossip Girl rules my world!! I'm so addidcted to the show and especially Chuck and Blair! I'm also a big music fan, I love rock music especially, but I'm pretty open. I'm not a big hiphop/R&B fan, though...Anywho, I'l probably be posting some fics (mostly CB) as I love writing. Mhh, what else..? My hobbies include singing, skiing and hanging with my friends and I hope I'll be able to take my masters degree in either Vancouver or New York when the time comes. For now I'm heading to San Sebastian, Spain, where I' ll be studying for the spring semester '09. That's basically me...